General Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1. The following Terms & Conditions, which the customer shall recognise at the latest upon the conclusion, are valid for all betting transactions.

1.2. This agreement is concluded at the moment a bet is accepted. For the interpretation of the terms of this contract, CASHPOINT's records are regarded as the basis of evaluation. The bet slip is deemed valid when the betting customer accepts it without lodging immediate complaint. Subsequent objections or complaints will not be considered.

1.3. On the one side, CASHPOINT Malta Ltd., Level 1, Salvu Psaila Street, Birkirkara BKR 9077, Malta, (referred to below as "CASHPOINT"), and on the other side the customer, are recognised as contractual parties. Wagering is strictly prohibited for children and adolescents. The betting event, the outcome of which can be wagered on, is determined by CASHPOINT.

1.4. CASHPOINT has issued the current Terms & Conditions according to the regulations of applicable national law. The prevailing language in case of interpretation is Danish.

1.5. The customer declares

1.5.1. that he/she is of the minimum legal betting age in the jurisdiction where the contract has been concluded. CASHPOINT reserves the right to request legal documentation in case of doubt.

1.5.2. having no knowledge of the outcome of the underlying event(s) prior to contract conclusion.

1.5.3. that the means by which he/she challenges his/her wager does not stem from any kind of unlawful activity and are readily available to him/her.

1.5.4. that the participation in wagering events is not prohibited for any reason, legal or otherwise.

1.5.5. that he/she understands that the bookmaker is entitled at any time to refuse the acceptance of a bet, to limit the amount of a bet and/or to change odds before a wager has been concluded. It is also in the bookmaker's power to set odds and withdrawal limits that are binding for betting customers.

1.5.6. The customer has the option of blocking his/her account for 24 hours, one month or indefinitely. Once this block is put into place, the customer may no longer place bets.

1.6. CASHPOINT reserves the right to rectify errors in writing, calculation or odds at any time - even subsequent to betting acceptance - independently and under no conditions of challenge. It is also at CASHPOINT's sole discretion to set binding odds and payout limits for the betting customers.

1.7. In the case of an obvious error, CASHPOINT will pay out at standard market odds available at the time of betting acceptance. CASHPOINT's right to challenge the contract based on errors shall remain intact.

1.8. Should it become clear following betting acceptance that the contents of the betting are neither determined nor can be determined, for any reason whatsoever, the bet is considered invalid and the wager is to be refunded.

1.9. A unilateral right of cancellation on the side of the betting customer following conclusion of a betting agreement is non-admissible.

1.10. If a bet slip is not submitted within 90 days after the day following the completion of the betting event, any payment claims of the betting customer are void. CASHPOINT reserves the right to delay payment of the winnings for 45 days following presentation of the bet slip.

1.11. The customer is not permitted to assign or pledge any claims against CASHPOINT from betting contracts, either free of charge or in return for payment, nor shall he/she dispose of this in any other ways, contractually or not, nor shall he/she seek to offset claims made by CASHPOINT with such claims.

1.12. In the absence of different, compulsorily applicable provisions regarding jurisdiction, the sole jurisdiction in case of claims emanating from disputes from the betting agreement is the responsible court of law located at the seat of the administrative headquarters of CASHPOINT.

1.13. CASHPOINT expressly assumes no liability for circumstances in connection with betting conclusions arising from inadequate data transfer and/or for other reasons not in the sphere of influence of CASHPOINT, or for any customer losses resulting from incomplete or interrupted data transfer, including pecuniary loss.

1.14. In the following cases the bet is invalid or the betting contract is subsequently cancelled amicably with the legal consequence that the betting stake must be paid back to the customer:

1.14.1. if the betting event does not take place as indicated in the odds (e.g. home advantage is exchanged) unless the home team exercises its home advantage - for whatever reasons - at a neutral sports facility.

1.14.2. if the bet is concluded after the betting event has begun, or if the bet does not comply with betting provisions. The time of the conclusion of the betting contract as determined by CASHPOINT is binding for the customer.

1.14.3. if a betting event is cancelled or does not take place, unless an alternative date for the betting event is already confirmed at the time of the cancellation, and which is scheduled to take place within the following two days, calculated from the original designated start time (does not apply to matches which are cancelled or abandoned in the MLB (as according to Point 1.14.6), or the betting event is to be completed as part of a sporting tournament (e.g. World, European or national championships, Olympic Games, tennis tournaments etc.).

1.14.4. if the betting event is stopped without an official evaluation taking place immediately following cancellation. Retrospective amendments to classification (e.g. a committee decision) shall therefore remain unconsidered.

1.14.5. if a tennis match is ended by a w.o. or forfeit.

1.14.6. if matches in the Major League Baseball (MLB) are stopped or called off.

1.15. If a betting event is stopped and officially evaluated immediately after cancellation then the bet is upheld and Point 1.16 applies accordingly. A tennis match ended by a w.o. or forfeit counts as not having taken place and therefore the stake must be paid back to the customer.

1.16. The following rules apply in particular for deciding the outcome of a bet:

1.16.1. The results announced immediately after the conclusion of the betting event will be decisive (e.g. the awards ceremony, provided that this takes place immediately after the betting event).

1.16.2. For football and ice hockey matches, the result at the end of regular playing time is decisive. Any added time or penalty shoot-outs, etc., have no effect on the betting contract unless the contractual parties have agreed otherwise and this has been noted in CASHPOINT's records (e.g. bet on progress in the European Cup).

1.16.3. If two or more contests of the same kind (e.g. two giant slaloms) take place at one location, all bets which are made prior to the commencement of the first event shall only be valid for the first event, unless some other arrangement has expressly been agreed upon.

1.16.4. For American football, basketball and baseball, the score including overtime will be used in evaluating all events and variations.

1.16.5. For "dead heats" (2 or more contestants in the same place), payouts shall be split accordingly (e.g.: for a wager of 100 with odds on the winner of 1.80, the payout is 180; for two winners the payout is therefore 90 each, three winners 60, and so on.). Should only two starters (teams) participate in a betting event (e.g. head-to-head bets) and if no undecided odds are quoted, then in the case of a "dead heat" the payouts are not split - rather, the entire wager is paid back.

1.16.6. Results for sporting events always need some time to be clarified. The system waits for confirmed results from official sources (e.g. FIA, FIFA, WTA,...), which normally only takes some minutes. However, for less popular events and especially non-soccer-related events, this may take up to several hours. CASHPOINT strives to provide the fastest possible results for every bet.

1.17. If the event takes place in compliance with the current General Betting Provisions and if one participant or team does not appear at the event, then the bet is upheld ("play or pay"); this means that a bet placed by the customer on a non-participant or a non-participating team is considered lost.

1.18. If multiple betting results are combined ("combination bet"), then the following is applicable:

1.18.1. If one or more events is cancelled, stopped or does not take place for other reasons, without a repeat of the event in terms of Point 1.14.3, or without an official evaluation in terms of Point 1.14.4, this (these) betting result(s) is (are) valued at odds of 1.00; this also applies to tennis matches ended by a w.o. or forfeit.

1.18.2. If all betting events are cancelled, abandoned or do not take place for any other reason, without a repeat of the event in terms of Point 1.14.3, or without an official evaluation in terms of Point 1.14.4 then the betting contract shall be repealed retrospectively and the stake shall be paid back to the customer. This also applies to tennis matches ended by a w.o. or forfeit.

1.18.3. If the contract is not concluded until after the start of one or more events then the odds for this event are 1.00. If the betting contract is not concluded until after the start of all events then Point 1.14.2 applies accordingly.

1.19. The betting customer declares that he/she does not know the outcome of a specific event at the time he/she places a bet on that event.

1.20. If a customer loses an amount of money above the norm within a specific period of time then CASHPOINT reserves the right to resort to appropriate measures for the protection of the customer.

1.21. Any breach of these conditions will result in your account being closed, and the matter be referred to the fraud department.
1.22. It is strictly forbidden to make agreements among themselves.
1.23. The customer can exclude themselves or create deposit limits by writing to
1.24. If you excluded temporarily or permanently, you will be asked to join the Danish Gambling Authority National Register. If you are admitted, you will be blocked and excluded from all websites that are licensed in Denmark (which includes all brands operated by the operator), during the exclusion period in question. See the following information for additional information on the National Register:
1.25. Customer complaints are considered individually and in relation to company policy, which follows the following chain of responsibility: First-level support, second-level support, management.
1.26. Funds in a player account account which has been closed for the player will be paid back if the customer wants it, in accordance with the rules 1.35 through 1.38 of these Terms & Conditions.
1.27. Customer agrees CASHPOINTS use of NemID process and other officially recognized processes in relation to background checks.

1.28. Limits on Winnings

1.28.1. A limit is set by CASHPOINT on the maximum winnings which can be paid out. If the customer places a bet for which the payment of winnings exceeds the limit CASHPOINT is not liable for the excess amount. Betting pay-outs are reduced accordingly in this case. This also applies even if CASHPOINT has not made it clear to the customer upon conclusion of the bet that the winnings may exceed the limit. CASHPOINT is not liable under any circumstances for the theoretical loss of winnings incurred by the customer resulting from such a reduction.

1.28.2. If a customer places multiple similar bets (including the combination of single and combination bets), of which the total winnings exceeds the limit on winnings, CASHPOINT has the right to reduce the stake as much as is required in order to adhere to the limit on winnings.

1.28.3. CASHPOINT reserves the right to establish limits on winnings for individual customers.

1.28.4. CASHPOINT reserves the right to reduce appropriately the limits on bets for which the total winnings exceed the limits set by CASHPOINT for the event, so that these limits are not exceeded.

1.29. Internet Betting

1.29.1. The customer explicitly declares that, prior to initiating a business relationship with CASHPOINT, he has read, recognized and understands the information at CASHPOINT's website as well as the General Terms and Conditions and any corresponding special terms. CASHPOINT shall accept no liability for any unlawful participation on the part of the customer in betting contracts which are contrary to the laws of the customer's country of residence. The customer explicitly declares to have obtained information on any applicable laws. These special terms are valid supplementary to the General Terms & Conditions.

1.29.2 The betting customer expressly declares the correctness of all entries made while registering at or any related website. The unintentional or intentional entry of incorrect customer data (e.g. first and last name, date of birth, address, email address, etc.) will in any case result in all wagers and winnings associated with this customer account being blocked from withdrawal. Playing by minors is strictly prohibited, even in the presence of a guardian or an adult. If this provision is not followed, CASHPOINT reserves the right to withhold any winnings and take legal action against those adults who allow an underage person to play.

1.29.3. A player must register personally and with the first deposit by remittance or credit card or any other payment method accepted by CASHPOINT to a bank account indicated by CASHPOINT, a player’s account is opened for each registered customer and all deposits, stakes, winnings and withdrawals are entered separately to this account.

1.29.4. Customers will be financially liable and bear any risks for betting accounts established at CASHPOINT. CASHPOINT will accept no liability for abuse of such accounts by unauthorized persons. Customers are therefore advised to keep their customer number, username and password confidential, since the customer is financially liable for any transfer of funds to or from the account when a customer number or username, and/or password are used or subsequently obtained according to CASHPOINT’s safety procedures (e.g. via the "security question").

1.29.5. Deposits to the betting account can be made by remittance to the accounts indicated by CASHPOINT, by credit card or by other payment methods accepted by CASHPOINT.

1.29.6. It is not possible to play on credit. Bets can only be accepted if the entire amount of the stake is credited to the balance of the account indicated by CASHPOINT prior to the bet on the casino table or early enough in advance of the start of the sporting event(s) on which the bet(s) is/are being placed. In the case of credit card payment as well, bets can only be accepted if the credit card organization concerned confirms the amount early enough in advance (i.e. by the beginning of the event or prior to the betting at the casino table).

1.29.7. Should the balance on the betting account not entirely cover the bet and the amount owed not be transferred to the account in time, CASHPOINT shall have the option of either cancelling the bet or accepting the bet with the balance actually available as the stake.

1.29.8. Any deposits to and payouts from the betting account requested by the customer will without exception be accepted only in the currency offered by CASHPOINT. The customer shall bear the risk of currency exchange. This also applies to the stakes paid when bets are placed. Limits and processing fees may be applicable on both deposits and withdrawals.

1.29.9. Winnings will be credited to the betting account and may either be used for placing further bets or, at the explicit request of the customer, be paid out in the same manner that the funds were deposited. No payouts are possible by way of postal money order, cash payment or non-negotiable cheque. CASHPOINT reserves the right to withhold payment until the customer provides proof of identity. The full amount deposited must be placed on bets at least once before payment can be requested. Payments can only be made to the bank account of the customer registered with CASHPOINT. Limits and processing fees may be applicable on both deposits and withdrawals.

1.29.10. Every CASHPOINT customer is obliged to provide proof of identity prior to the first payout. CASHPOINT may at any time request that the player/customer submit certain documents for proof of identity in order to verify their identity. CASHPOINT reserves the right to retain any and all funds and/or winnings until the requested documents are submitted. One or more of the following documents may be requested: A copy of a valid identity document that has been issued by the competent authority of a recognized state or country, e.g. passport, personal identity card, driving licence; when verifying the identity of a player/customer, CASHPOINT may also request a gas, water or electricity bill or a property rental agreement. A copy of bank certification, account statements, e.g. for a Moneybookers account or similar.

1.29.11. Complaints on account statements and against the balances indicated therein must be lodged by registered letter no later than thirty (30) days after the end of the month during which the betting event took place.

1.29.12. If CASHPOINT obviously provides erroneous odds, CASHPOINT is entitled to amend such erroneous odds without additionally notifying the customer and to make corresponding adjustments to the customer's betting account.

1.29.13. CASHPOINT is entitled to correct any obvious mistakes that result from errors occurring during the issue of account statements.

1.29.14. With respect to the data that is transmitted via the Internet in either direction between CASHPOINT and the customer, CASHPOINT assumes no liability whatsoever for this data being complete or transmitted without error.

1.29.15. The customer agrees to allow the telephone conversations with CASHPOINT to be recorded on magnetic storage media as well as to the collection and storage of the resulting media.

1.29.16. The customer consents to CASHPOINT storing and using any of the customer's personal data which becomes known to CASHPOINT when bets are placed. Any personal data will only be available to individuals who have been authorised by CASHPOINT and who have the right to know such data to carry out their duties. The customer furthermore agrees to receiving from CASHPOINT advertising material as well as other publications and information by mail, fax, text message or email. Odds lists will not be sent separately but may be viewed by the customer at any time, either at CASHPOINT's website or on specific television text pages.

1.29.17. Only one registration, and therefore only one betting account, is permissible per customer. All of the accounts of any customer violating this term will be blocked, and all bonuses and/or resulting winnings will be declared void.

1.29.18. If it is revealed that a betting customer has, in violation of the betting terms, opened more than one betting account and placed the same bet with these accounts, the limits on winnings will apply to the total winnings obtained through these bets. CASHPOINT will under no circumstances be liable toward the customer for any theoretical loss of winnings as a result of such a reduction.

1.29.19. By participating in a promotion, the customer accepts the respective special terms and conditions for that promotion, communicated on the CASHPOINT website.

1.29.20. These provisions are made available in various languages. Should any irregularity or conflict arise concerning the meaning of one or more words or the presentation in general, the Danish version is authoritative.

1.29.21. Maltese and American citizens are prohibited from placing bets and using the online casino.

1.30. CASHPOINT reserves the right to restrict, limit or block access of certain players/customers according to its sole, unhindered judgement.

1.31. All CASHPOINT time indications are based on Central European Time (CET).

1.32. Live Bets

1.32.1. Live bets are identified as live or a live bet by an addendum in the bet offer and/or on the betting slip. These bets are explicitly open to betting even after the event has begun. The odds vary dynamically in this form of betting and are continually adapted to fit the latest standings in the match. The results given immediately after the respective bet are decisive for the evaluation of the live bets. Retrospective amendments (e.g. committee decisions) have no influence on the evaluation of the live bets offered.

1.32.2. Tennis Live Bets
If a tennis match (which CASHPOINT is offering as a live match) is abandoned and not completed on the same day (Central European Time) then all bets for which the outcome is still open are invalid and are valued at 1.00. Bets which were decided before the point at which the match was stopped (e.g. "Who will win the first set?" in the event that the match is stopped during the second set) remain unaffected by this. These are evaluated according to the respective outcome, regardless of the course of the remainder of the match.

1.32.3. Football Live Bets
The guidelines of the General Betting Provisions also apply to the match evaluation in football live bets. Thus, bets on a match without an official valuation are declared invalid. Exceptions include special bets which were decided before the point at which the match was stopped (e.g. bets on the score at half-time if the match is abandoned in the second half). These are evaluated according to the respective outcome, irrespective of the course of the remainder of the match.

1.32.4. Formula1 Live Bets
The General Betting Provisions also apply to live bets in Formula 1 with regards to "match" evaluations. Exceptions, however, include special bets which are decided prior to the point when the event is stopped (e.g. "Who is leading after ten rounds" if the race is stopped in the fifteenth round) and are considered valid.

1.32.5. If the outcome of a betting event (e.g. "Who will win the third game?" or "Who will win the next corner kick?") is not clearly determinable due to a loss of picture or the end of television coverage by the television channel indicated by CASHPOINT in line with the live bet, then the bets affected will have their odds immediately revalued at 1.00.

1.32.6. For all other types of sports the following applies:
In all live bets the General Betting Provisions apply with regards to match evaluation. Exceptions include special bets which are decided prior to the stopping of any event. These are considered valid.

1.33. Rest of Game

1.33.1. The Rest of Game bet is a special form of live bet and separately indicated as such. In all betting options, a tie score (0-0) is assumed for the match at all times. This means that only goals scored after the bet is submitted are relevant for determining the bet outcome. The Supplementary Betting Terms for Live Bets and the General Betting Terms shall also apply.

1.34. Tennis

1.34.1. If a match is not concluded then all bets placed on this match are evaluated at odds of 1.00. This includes all variations offered for this event. This is also the case should one of the named players be changed prior to the start of the match.

1.34.2. Set Bets: If the number of sets to be played changes then all bets of this type (set bets) are evaluated at odds of 1.00. Bets on the outcome of the match retain their validity.

1.34.3. Tie-Break Bets: If the number of sets to be played changes then all bets of this type (tie-break bets) are valued at 1.00. Bets on the outcome of the match retain their validity.

1.34.4. Tournament Win: If the betting event takes place in compliance with the present General Betting Provisions and a participant or team does not turn up to the event then the betting contract is upheld ("play or pay"); this means that a bet placed by the customer on a non-participant or on a non-participating team is considered lost.

1.34.5. Tennis bets retain their validity in the following cases: Change of match date Change from "indoor" to "outdoor" and vice versa

1.35. The customer can also request for specific customer protection measures via e-mail to the customer service representatives, where the amount of bets placed etc. may be limited as per the customer’s specific request. Bonuses can only be paid out following turnover as specified in the bonus terms and conditions. Casino transactions count as turnover as well, whereby the automatic process and confirmation may take up to 24 hours due to technical reasons.

1.36. All transactions placed by all customers will be checked to prevent money laundering. Furthermore, suspicious transactions will be reported to the relevant authority and the customer will not be notified of such a disclosure to the relevant authority.

1.37. The customer has the right to close his account. In such a case the player has the right to write to customer support on e-mail address requesting that his account be closed and the funds remitted to the account from where the funds originated. CASHPOINT reserves the right to request for personal identification documents as listed above and that the funds will not be remitted until such personal details verification has been completed.

1.38. In the event that a player account has been inactive for a period of greater than 30 months, the said account will be defined as inactive and/or dormant. This applies to all dormant accounts (due to inactivity, self exclusion, suspension, ...). CASHPOINT will take the initiative in trying to contact the player in order to remit the funds outstanding to the account of that player's choosing, insofar as that same player is the account holder and can be positively identified as such. If the player cannot be reached or contacted through those channels provided by the player (email, telephone number), and the funds cannot be remitted back to the player (in the event that this player has not been positively identified and/or no legitimate bank or other account details are available), CASHPOINT will decide how to further proceed in this case and will start charging account processing costs at a maximum rate of 10 DKK a month.

1.39. Balance updates to customer's accounts are performed on a cyclical basis. Due to technical limitations, this is done automatically every 30 seconds, and on every opening or closing of a game. However, a customer can do this manually by simply refreshing the browser on that page.

1.40. Winnings are rounded to whole numbers according to commercial practice:
Calculated winnings: 12.50 DKK, payout: 13.00 DKK
Calculated winnings: 39.14 DKK, payout: 39.00 DKK

1.41. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta does not regulate any land-based aspect of the operation. CASHPOINT's licence is only valid in Denmark and Greenland.

2. Casino

2.1. Every game played for real money lies solely within the decision-making and risk judgement of the customer alone. When participating in games of real money, the customer accepts that the games on the CASHPOINT or related Casino, Games, Slots or Live Casino page(s) are neither objectionable, reprehensible, unfair or indecent.

2.2. A game materializes at the moment that a player, at the time of placing his bet, has enough chip or game credit in his/her player account to cover the amount of the game wager. Otherwise, the player receives an error message implying the need to increase the amount of funds on that account to match the wager amount, whereby this action remains at the sole discretion of the player/customer.

2.3. It is agreed that a valid wager is the corresponding amount confirmed and recorded by CASHPOINT.

2.4. The amount of the wager is determined by the player with regards to the visible table limits.

2.5. PLAY MONEY: Every customer can take part in all games offered by CASHPOINT in practice mode. This is where the player has the opportunity to wager the amount of play money made available to him/her. The Casino play money can be used for practice mode only and has no commercial value, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

2.6. It is not allowed for Maltese and American citizens to place bets and use the online casino.

2.7. The terms & conditions of a game can never change while a game is in progress or active.

2.8. Games and rules used are independent of the characteristics of the customer's equipment and / or the communication channel in use.

3. Xtreme Bonus

3.1. The general business conditions from CASHPOINT apply.

3.2. On suspicion of abuse by multiple applications (fake accounts, game communities), reserves the right to cancel the bonus and any gains arising from it.

3.3. Xtreme bonus is a bonus in combination bets that can increase the gain.

3.4. Bonus Conditions for Xtreme Bonus are as follows:

3.4.1. Xtreme bonus of 5% is available at least 5 normal bets with odds of at least 1.20.

3.4.2. For each additional bet with odds of at least 1.20, Xtreme bonus increases by an additional 5%, up to a maximum of 30%.

3.4.3. If adding a live bet with the odds of at least 1.20 for a combination bet, the minimum number of bets that are necessary for an Xtreme bonus will be reduced by 1 bet. The minimum number of bets is 3.

3.4.4. Bets on Casino does not help to meet the bonus requirements.

3.5. Decisions taken by are final and are non-negotiable.

3.6. If any of the above conditions are not fulfilled, the bonus is void. CASHPOINT reserves the right to protect themselves against abuse, and CASHPOINT may deny any players participation in further bonus activities.

3.7. CASHPOINT has the right at any time to modify or terminate a promotion, including due to technical failures, computer viruses, tampering, etc. This does not apply to bets or games that are already underway.

Version 8.3

Last Update: May, 2016